Improving Minds is an education package that will be delivered to a class of children. There is package for secondary school age children and a separate package for primary school aged children and both packages are catered for each age bracket. Each age group explores feelings and emotions, what they are, what physiological reaction we may have to these and what actions we can take to manage these emotions in a more helpful way. The secondary age package will also discuss briefly what mental health is and how we know when there may be a problem and also explores specific mental health disorders. Each child will be given a business card with contact numbers on for organisations and charities that can provide advice and support for children.

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Mental health in children is currently a high agenda item within the government with the Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield OBE, reporting in her October 2017 briefing that the main issue brought to her was regarding children’s mental health. Anne Longfield OBE also stated that even primary school aged children were experiencing anxiety and she felt that early intervention was the most cost-effective method of addressing children’s mental health.

It has been reported in The Guardian’s, Mental Health Research Matters...